• For more than a decade, Visa Solutions has been helping India trucking companies find highly qualified drivers from around the world. We do Student Visa for Mostly for all Countries and Job Placements for some countries like Dubai , Singapore , Malaysia , Thailand , Maldives We do immigration programs such as the EB-3 Permanent Labor Certification and the H-2B Visa program. Our well-developed system and networks allow companies to find the right employees economically and efficiently. We have successfully recruited and processed thousands of employees on behalf of our clients, which has resulted in increased driver retention rates and profitability. Visa Solutions offers a full-service package that includes recruiting, immigration processing, compliance and relocation services. This gives our clients the ability to continue building their companies without the constant threat of labor shortages


  • In Visa Solutions we strive to change lives and make a contribution to our country by matching good, honest, hard-working people from all over the world, with the best Indian companies that can’t find qualified local talent. We provide life changing opportunities to motivated people while helping companies overcome their recruitment challenges


  • Our vision is to improve the quality of live for as many people as we can and be the #1 provider of talent for positions that experience a work shortage in the US.


Visa Solutions is the leader in providing Student Visa , PR , Spaouce Visa  for Many Countries & Job Placement in International companies.

Meet the Team

Gudiya Motwani

CEO & Co-Founder

  • Gudiya Motwani has had a knack for identifying business problems and finding creative solutions for them since she was a very young women. Her first lessons in business were learned from her grandfather, a successful restaurateur and entrepreneur. Grandfather played a big role in her early formation as a business leader, taking her every weekend to visit his company and learn the intricacies of running a business.
  • King Visa Solutions is one of the leading immigration consultants in Ahmedabad that has endeavored since its inception as one stop solution to all immigration related matters. Our specialized immigration services are praised by our esteemed clients for their visa and other immigration process was transpired into a cake walk activity by our assiduous personnel.
  • The core team of King Visa Solutions is spearheaded by people with many years of domain expertise. They have precision of knowledge in the fields of immigration, visa processing and other related services.Our presidium of handpicked executives go through rigorous and in depth training on country specific immigration and visa processing norms and rules to arm them with requisite knowledge and ensure hassle free services to our clients.Once the clients get registered with us, we assign them with a case officer who guides through the entire application process and assist you at every stage. They work in tandem with you to transpire the process on time ensuring successful results.
  • King Visa Solutions Immigration & Education Consultants. is an international Immigration, Education and Resettlement Company. We specialize in immigration under various categories and Student visa services. We send hundreds of students each year to various countries worldwide including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Cyprus, Singapore and few more. We provide complete range of services to our clients including complete application process, course and institute selection, pre and post landing services etc.

We take pride in being regarded as the leading immigration consultants in Ahmedabad and what sets apart from our peers is our four cutting edge approach:

  • Knowledge:We keep track of the regularly evolving migration laws and regulations and constantly updating our knowledge base. Our executives go through periodic training programs to improve their skills and are assessed from time to time.
    1. Experience: Our team of experienced case officers aid in processing your visa application in sync to the country’s latest regulations and provide custom made visa solutions.
    2. Transparency: We publish our fees upfront and ensure that there are no hidden or last minute costs added to your application. We also offer a range of service packages and help you select the optimum solution.
    3. Results:We use our E’s – knowledge, experience and expertise to deliver positive results. We see to it that are your dreams are fulfilled and put in best efforts to get the visa you desired without any hassles in the process.

You get the Best:

We take pride as we are known for our speed, trust and expertise and are committed to do our best for your successful migration. Our experienced professional team provides:


  • Best in Class service:Our executives are ever ready to clear all your doubts and are committed to answer all your queries as we leave no stones unturned in helping you to choose best option for you.
  • Best in class:Flexible payment options and fixed fees make our services affordable and predictable.
  • Best in class communication:A dedicated case officer will be assigned to specifically handle your file and get all the updates through them as they will be there to guide you till the end.

In the end

  • Keep your dreams alive. … when we are here to help you We dynamically believe in cx service to the student to ensure happiness and success in other countries/foreign for achieving their Educational Goals. Planet bulls aim to provide special needs and interest to student and placing them in suitable countries. They can develop their English language and study skill.
  • With numerous top universities in the world located in Australia,Canada,USA, new Zealand, Greece Etc this increase in popularity, one needs the assistance of expert and knowledgeable Australian educational consultants to help navigate through the admission and visa application process.